February 6, 2018

Hey Friends!  I know Texas winters are weird, sunny and 70's one day and then practically the arctic tundra the next. No matter the weather outside, it is usually the lack of humidity indoors that causes the most stress on our hair.  Check out this video for some tips, tricks, products and services that you can use to restore the moisture and give you back the shine it deserves.

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 Check out this spotlight on a few of the products featured in the video!

 Go Ahead and Reserve your Dry Hair Fixer-Upper today to beat back Old Man Winter!


September 8, 2017

Hey everyone! 👋 It's been quite a busy time recently. Summer is dwindling down, kids are back in school 🙌🙌. It's time to focus on YOU again. Check out a couple new lines from Paul Mitchell we've been obsessing over in the salon 💇🏼!

First is Neuro Liquid... we know, we know "Aren't Neuro those pricey hair tools you guys sell?"  Yes and now we have the luxury liquid line to perfectly accompany your high end tools. So feed your addiction to your hot tools with Neuro Liquid. 

This is a complete line of performance-engineered products built to withstand the heat. Made with exclusive HeatCTRL™ technology, the scientifically proven r...

November 16, 2016

Now is the perfect time to get your shopping done early before the holiday rush, and Magnolia Avenue Salon has what you need.  Paul Mitchell has released their Holiday 2016 collection and all I have to say is... Rose Gold!  The ProTool line up is absolutely beautiful and will be the envy of all who see them.  The perfect gift for a daughter or sister who wants to look haute, these tools will deliver performance and are backed up by a one year warrantee right out of the box.  

We also have all your favorite Paul Mitchell brands in great holiday packaging.  Give that young lady in your life the gift of glam from Neon...

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