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Hand Crafted Services. Professionalism at it's finest.

Let one of our professionals guide you through a thourough consultation and service to ensure the best end result.  Face and head shape along with lifestyle are taken into account with every cut and color option.


If dapper is what you are looking for, our team can give you what you want.  We are trained in the art of Classic Men's Grooming and can train you in recreating the look at home.  Relax, have a beverage and experience what Magnolia Avenue Salon can offer you and your hair



Looking to walk a little on the wild side?  Our team is well-versed in creating custom haircuts for our guests.  Undercuts, hard parts, hair tattoos are all in our wheel house.  Let us take your vision to reality



No matter the current trend, our professionals know how to maintain your facial hair.  Whether it's a little trim or you're ready to take off the soup catcher, we can help 


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