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Owner and level 5 


With 35 years experience in the salon business, Tim still loves to do hair.

Tim has been fortunate to work with some of the greatest Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in his career. He apprenticed with Norman Zapien at New York City Salon in Atlanta, Georgia. He also had the opportunity to assist Paul Mitchell and Jean Braa on the road promoting Paul Mitchell Products and Education. They inspired him to set his sights high.

He has spent time in Paris, France pursuing Hair and Makeup for fashion. He then finally settled in Dallas, Texas and opened his first salon. During the eighties and nineties, Tim  produced and directed Fashion Shows and pursued a career in Hair and Makeup for fashion, film, video and still print photography.

With Magnolia Avenue Salon, he and his wife Donna set out to create a salon that was special. "We specialize in Hair Cutting and Coloring. We only hire the best and brightest and accept nothing less. We grow our own talent by offering continued education and driving our apprentices and stylists to be their best, and we offer the best customer service. Magnolia Avenue Salon has met and exceeded our greatest hopes."

Tim enjoys spending time with his Wife and 5 Grown Children and 11 Grandchildren.

His Interests are in Fishing, Travel, Photography and Shooting.

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