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Tootsies and Tequila!!

If you ventured out Sunday morning for brunch and found yourself faced with traffic cones and extra police presence, no the president wasn't visiting, you stumbled upon the course for the 40th annual Cowtown Marathon.

The Cowtown takes a tour of Fort Worth starting in the Cultural District it winds through the StockYards, Shoots through Downtown, Snakes through Fairmont, tours TCU and finally ends where it started at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Nestled in-between mile 11 and 12, you will find a quaint little establishment by the name of Magnolia Avenue Salon. We arrive super early, sip coffee, prepare our selves for the runners by donning our Cowtown shirts, placing plenty of Tootsie Rolls on the tables and pouring Patron Tequila shots for those runners who are ready to party!!

About an hour after we arrive, the first runners start to speed by, I'm convinced these people are actually androids... 11.5 miles in an hour... bananas. We cheer them on but they rarely stop for what we have to offer.

A little later the main pack starts to arrive, these are our party people! We happily hold up our Encouragement Signs like, "Are you lost?" "Worst Parade Ever" and "Embrace the Suck". We Cheer as loud as we can as we sip our mimosas and encourage the runners to take a pause for tequila!

We went through 3 bottles of Patron this year, we had a lot of requests for Fireball Whiskey so we will make that happen next year as well... they can throw it up at mile 12.

We want to thank our neighbors at Taste Kitchen for not judging us too hard for our antics and all the runners who stopped for a shot and a selfie with us. We have already started to plan for next years race with added music and more interactive Shots and Selfie stations!! Start Training Fort Worth!!

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