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Sun's Out, Blonde's Out

With summer practically here, It's time to start reliving your blondest dreams. I've been looking at the salon schedule for the next month and Highlights are definitely in high demand.

But how a should you protect that gorgeous hair of yours to keep it the blingiest blonde possible? Well I am sure glad you asked, say hello to Platinum Blonde from Paul Mitchell. A three product system to be used together so you can fight warmth and cool the brassiness. Let's explore this system a little more:

The new Platinum Blonde System from Paul Michell

Platinum Blonde Shampoo

We have had this little gem for a while now, but with the addition to the others in the line, it gets an upgrade in

kicking some brass.

It banishes brassiness, soften strands, and adds shine in natural and color-treated blondes. Its Violet-tinted, color enhancing formula brings out the best in blonde, white and silver hair. The Conditioning ingredients and extracts hydrate hair and intensify shine.

Platinum Blonde Conditioner

The new kid on the block this summer is a welcome addition to the Platinum Blonde Shampoo.

This conditioner hydrates and helps cool brassy tones in blonde, white and silver hair. The violet tinted, color-enhancing formula eliminates warmth, softens strands and adds shine. It also helps keep blonde hair light, bright and conditioned.

Platinum Blond Toning Spray

This little gem rounds out the Platinum Blonde line.

This spray helps eliminate brassy tones for natural and color-treated blonde, gray or white hair. The shimmery, violet-tinted pigments help neutralize yellow tones to refine blonde hair. It also helps to condition hair and add shine.

We are very excited to offer this and use it in the salon, we think you will love it too. You invest a lot into your hair to make it light and bright, continue the regiment at home with Platinum Blonde by Paul Mitchell. Make sure to ask your stylist about this amazing product during your next visit to the salon.

See you in the Salon!!

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